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* Helps you develop a tailored, actionable and robust Strategic Business Plan for your specific business/organization in your particular environment and situation.

* Helps you develop and institutionalize management processes that build Quality into your business.

* Trains your employees in the basics of Quality and Quality Management.

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Strategic Business Planning and Business Plan support

Unsolicited testimonial: "Your site was one of the best I spotted in terms of practicality and realism." [D. Bayne]

Client testimonial: "This strategic planning session was incredibly successful."

Client testimonial: "I really appreciated your flexibility in adapting to our needs."

How can Strategic Business Planning help my firm?

Is a Strategic Business Plan the same as a "business plan"?

What is a Strategic Business Plan?

What is a Purpose or Mission statement? A Vision statement?

How can I better understand my business Environment?

Why do I need Criteria?

What are Goals?

What are Strategies?

What is in an Action Plan?

Who should participate in Strategic Business Planning?

Who can benefit from help?

Why consider using a consultant?

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