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Since 1988

Providing Strategic Business Planning Services to small businesses and associations, both for- and non-profit, to help them leverage their use of their scarce resources: time, funds, and effort.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." *

Client Testimonials

"Working without a strategic plan is like building a house without a blueprint."

"I have been involved in establishing and starting many complex projects and starting various business ventures. ... This startup was by far the easiest and quickest I have encountered. It was a delightful experience."

"I most emphatically endorse the Bruce D. Wyman Company Strategic Planning Program."

"In one important question, in listening to what I said, [Bruce] made a few words comment that was on my real internal issues, [and] which turned my attention from an impossible view to an upbeat and attainable view."

WINFORMS client testimonial *

CHI Systems, Inc. client testimonial *

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