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"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." *

What are Goals?

Goals are the prioritized (according to user-defined Criteria used to evaluate and prioritize possible Goals, Strategies, and Actions) elements of the business'/association's business operating environment over which the business/organization
a) CAN exert some influence or control, and
b) DESIRES to exert some influence or control to obtain a new future condition or state.

You might consider such factors as your use of technology and electronics, how you market your products and services, your market share or breadth or definition, your volume of business, your number of employees and business location(s), your financial and debt status, your capital expansion plans, product and service quality, future sale of your business or association, the local regulatory treatment of small businesses, zoning restrictions, etc. As with the development of Assumptions, it is important to let your mind “ramble” and generate thoughts, and then to capture those thoughts on paper, before you mentally try to evaluate them or develop them into complete sentences.

To generate your ideas of possible Goals, use the same environmental framework that you used to identify and document your Assumptions. Again, as with the Assumptions, it is unimportant whether you choose to try to exhaust your ideas within one category, before moving on to the next category, or whether you choose to jump around by developing Goals ideas and then recording them under whatever category seems most appropriate.

After you capture all the ideas you can, we will review each of the Assumptions and Goals to re-evaluate the degree of influence or control that your business or association can, or might, have upon that idea. This will help ensure that we have your Assumptions and Goals properly classified. It is not at all uncommon to shift some of the ideas from one list to the other, in both directions.

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