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Providing Strategic Business Planning Services to small businesses and associations, both for- and non-profit, to help them leverage their use of their scarce resources: time, funds, and effort.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." *


Articles by Bruce D. Wyman on aspects of Strategic Business Planning have appeared in publication as follow:

HOMEFront - The publication of the American Association of Home-Based Businesses/Northern Virginia Chapter - June 1996 - "Strategic Directions"

HOMEFront - July 1996 - "Strategic Directions"

HOMEFront - September/October 1996 - "Strategic Directions"

HOMEFront - November/December 1996 - "Strategic Directions"

HOMEFront - January/February 1997 - "Strategic Directions"

HOMEFront - May/June 1997 - "Strategic Directions"

HOMEFront - July/August 1997 - "Strategic Directions"

HOMEFront - September/October 1997 - Quoted in "Plug into the Association Market," by Paula Tarnapol Whitacre

HOMEFront - November/December 1998 - "Strategic Directions"

Other Articles by Bruce D. Wyman have appeared in publication as follow:

Program Manager magazine - January/February 1999

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