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What are Strategies?

Quite simply, a Strategy is a policy or process/procedural option that can be used, either alone or in concert with other Strategies, to achieve a Goal over a period of time. To generate your ideas of possible Strategies, let your mind wander and generate the myriad of possible policy and procedural ways that could be used, individually or in concert with others, to help achieve a specific Goal. Again, as with the Assumptions and Goals, it is important to let your mind “ramble” and generate thoughts, and then to capture those thoughts on paper, before you mentally try to evaluate them or develop them into complete sentences. Do this for each of your Goals before proceeding further.

After you capture all the ideas you can, we will review each of the Strategies to evaluate it against the evaluation Criteria that you established earlier. Having done that and rank-ordered your possible Strategies within each Goal, we will then proceed to selecting the desired set of Strategies for each Goal. Starting at the top of the list we'll examine how well that particular Strategy serves to achieve the Goal. We'll then look at the next Strategy on the list and examine what it adds to achieving the Goal. At some point we will start to encounter overlaps between possible Strategies and you will have to make judgement calls about whether particular Strategies should be combined or restated to eliminate the overlaps, or whether you wish to judge the overlaps as acceptable or desireable. We'll examine all of the possible Strategies that rank high enough, according to your evaluation Criteria, to be acceptable, before proceeding on to examine the possible Strategies for the next Goal.

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