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Since 1988

Providing Strategic Business Planning Services to small businesses and associations, both for- and non-profit, to help them leverage their use of their scarce resources: time, funds, and effort.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." *

Who can benefit from help?

If you are an:

Of a For-profit or Not-for-profit / Non-profit:


(A Virginia Riggs Bank official directly managing the development of small business loan and banking relationships confirmed, in March 1997, that in excess of 90 percent of small businesses and associations applying for loans have failed to do the necessary Strategic Business Planning essential to permit the preparation of a viable "business plan" required to secure the bank's financial support.)

And you do not currently have a workable, up-to-date, Strategic Business Plan ...

Then you are a person or group that the Bruce D. Wyman Company is eager to help!!

To more fully explore your options, please contact:

Bruce D. Wyman, President
Bruce D. Wyman Company
6147 Poburn Landing Court
Burke, Virginia, USA 22015-2535
(703) 503-9753

There are no charges until we establish an agreed working relationship.

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